Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Slice of life29-Loosing something

  Have you ever lost something,but since you have a mess you don't know where it is? One day,I was at school and the teacher was collecting home work. So I grabbed my folder,and I got the chills,As soon I open it,I didn't see it I was like  WHAT!!!!!!!!! I brought it. So I checked again,this time I took all the papers that I had.I checked one by one,and I found it It was in between.I was like Its better to be organize.I was like you don't know its there but it is you just need to check

Have that happen to you before?  I f not  Are you organize?


  1. This is why it's so so important to be organized!!
    I love how you put your thoughts in here, like the part... WHAT!!!! :-) Good writing!