Friday, March 24, 2017

Slice of Life#24-Nail

          The time,my nail broke.That was when I had long nails,I was really happy with them,because they were my natural nails.They were all painted by me,I suddenly close the door,and it cracked halfway of my nail.It started bleeding,I got mad.I really wanted all of my nails to be the same length.But at a sudden,it was not going to come up like I thought .I was mad again,I was going to wait for more long time to them to grow.I heard this life hack and I glue my nail back,YEAH I GLUE IT BACK.Isnt kind of weird?For me it wasn't because,I wanted mine to be set in.Also I didn't wanted mi hair go in between that cut.    After,alll I just went to the nail salon and got them done,they looked like nothing happened.