Thursday, March 2, 2017

Slice. Of life#2-Rain day

         I was at dinner when it started raining ☔️.I was telling my sister I want a good weather.sister"Not everyone thinks the same"I was thinking probably she's right.Then I was thinking this is a good thing there is a lot of reasons.I was not good with that weather.I was just thinking of sunny days.I was thinking about different peoples opinions. I was  telling her that  who does like that kind ?she was like I do because my day goes slow.  This all confirmed that it does not matter what's your favorite weather or not but we have what is going to happend.


  1. So you don't like rainy days?

  2. You end with a really descriptive sentence that is interesting to think about. Nice slice!

  3. Everyone has their own opinion. Some people don't like rain and other people do like rain. Overall, love the slice!