Thursday, March 16, 2017

Slice of life#16-PI day

    PI day  is on March 14.That has passed already.What is PI day? I hope you know aliterate from clicking the blue letters.This is actually more senses because the first three numbers are 3.14.Thats the reason why PI day is on March 14.Anyways during math class we were doing activities,related to PI.The activities we did were who memorized the numbers,colors a sheet.It was okay doing the PI coloring sheet.The numbers 3.141592,the reason was to win a prize.I just try the best,either way I didn't wanted to try because other people memorize 13 numbers.As soon as a student said those numbers I was like WHAT!!!!!!.


  1. I love your ending, Marisol your voice is really shining in that last part!

  2. Yea it was hard learning those numbers