Thursday, March 9, 2017

Slice of life #9- Accomplish it

            Did you ever got the thing you wanted? Really badly? Well don't worry because your going to accomplish something that is going to change your parents minds.This special hint you want s going to be in your hands one day.You need to wait for that day and be thankful for me that helped you actually to everyone.You always need to be thankful when your not feeling right sad,mad,depressed etc.Never give on yourself,that you really work so hard and you let your self down.Also don't let anyone change your mind.
       This story happen when my sister,waned the Iphone 6 plus.She was already ready but she came along with a friend,that told her you should get the iphone 6 so we can have the matching phone and case.My sister was really pressure on what to chose,she was waiting for that moment to get iphone 6 plus and be on her hands. She had to decide .really good on the phone. She never gave up,on her hard work she did,no one was going to change her mind. This all concludes she got,what she wanted.i want everyone, to not let yourself down on someones opinion.


  1. I agree with you work hard for what you want

  2. Those are good inspirational quotes😉

  3. Yep, I think we can achieve anything we want as long as we work hard for it!