Monday, March 27, 2017

Slice of life #27-Cake pop

During the weekend, I made cake pops for fun.I had every ingredient ready,but I was just worry it would come up wrong. I was not confident.As soon as it was time to decorate,I needed to take my time.I was choosing nice colors,with sprinkles. I did them because I had time,and I was bored.I was halfway,and I already rushing.But at least I learned something new,so that's why you should try something you haven't done before.The cake pop cake alright,although don't matter because I'm still going to eat them.
Do you like baking ? If not would you try?


  1. I have a cake pop maker at home and it even comes with different types of cake flavors

  2. You should bring me some next time

  3. I love baking, and I have never tried cake pops, but it sounds like fun. You describe it well, and I definitely rush my baking a lot. nice slice!