Saturday, March 25, 2017

Slice of life #25-Painting

   This day was when I try to learn how to paint.I tried,my sister knows how to do it.I wanted to learned how to,but I guess not as well as her. My sister likes drawing more on canvas painting,with paint and designs.She has great hand writing,better than me. She has a little time painting. I did all of her steps,but you know the first one can be a little messy.(That's what happened to mine) I screamed from inside,that I couldn't do it.I grab the canvas I painted with my time,and I constrate.Guess what?? Finally it came out good,I never thought it would.
Do you like painting ? Or drawing?


  1. I enjoy painting, and I also get frustrated when I can not do it the way I want to. You describe this well. Nice slice!

  2. I painted on a canvas too but I wish I can see your picture