Thursday, March 23, 2017

Slice of life #23-Choosing the right Foundation

The day I was getting ready one day before.So that day,was going to be my first time wearing fulll makeup.Anyways the day before My mom and I went shopping for a foundatiom.So when we got there,I was choosing a foundation color.I choose one,then I  ask my mom if it was my color,she said yeah it's good.When I got home I looked so pale,that I regretted the color.So we went back to the store and like a medium color.So when I got home I mix them a little,and the color was a right one.
Have you ever had a problem with makeup?Do you like makeup?


  1. I guess i'm okay with it because,when ever i'm going somewhere my sisters try to experiment with my face and try different color lipsticks on me.