Thursday, February 16, 2017


      Are you organize? I just wanted to say,if you aren't organize it's okay 👌 because right now is the time to start.I use to say why if I remember everything for the next day,but no it's not like that you get  to do everything  or you can plan things. Since I been using my planner I've been using it a lot for school.Also you can have two one for school another one for home 🏡.Using planners ,has been a really great 👍 thing for me and keeps you organize.For me planners on paper is better that on phone 📱 app.Anything that you thing is better to keep you organized is going to change you.
Do you use a planner?


  1. That's good you use a planner to keep you organized then you'll always be organized. When did you start using a planner?

  2. I love planners, too! I bought a really nice one and then I was too busy to use it. I'll bring it and show to you! :-)