Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Slice of life- Icecream

         One day,I was walking down the street with my mom and sister. When we got there I told my mom what is your ice cream flavor? Mom said"get me the pecan ",in a big cone.sister said" get me the oreo ice cream ,in the big cone with ,some topping.I was thinking ,and got the pecan.I was all ready ordering and I got all the things that my mom wanted.Then I need to get another one for my, other sibling..She said" get  the chocolate with your own toppings."My sister said" I want the same one".I had to get in line and get her a the right one so for her.I was so tired ,on choosing the I ecream that my ice cream and my icecream melt,had the chance to enjoy my ice cream.
What is your favorite icecream flavor?


  1. I like cookie dough and Oreo ice cream 😋

  2. My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.

  3. I like cookies and cream and mint chocolate chip

  4. I love how you put all the dialog in there, Marisol, great job!
    I love cookie dough. I haven't had ice cream in so long. And now it's way to cold!