Tuesday, December 6, 2016


    The candle I'm in love with is called Winter .This candle that I really like right now is from Bath and Body work, I like it because the smell it makes it breeze in my room.I really think you should get a candle,of your preference.I like how the other smell, but I really,like this one.This candle smells really good .The candle make your house smell twice better, and spreads the odor all over .
                 I think there's a lot more other candles than this. Other people have their own opinions . You don't always have choose what someone has to choose .Everyone might have a different one than me.


  1. Brings out the Christmas spirit

  2. I just bought a candle this weekend that smells like cinnamon and pine for Christmas. It was just a little one and I burned half of it down already!