Friday, November 11, 2016

My favorite season

                      My weekend goes by fast because when its  cold I just wake up late to stay warm in my warm clothes then drink something warm like coffe or hot chocolate with tamales and Ijust think what I'm doing after that then do everything.I really think on how the season changes then the time that's makess it so different  and during the winter and fall it gets really dark and I really don't like it but I'm getting use to the time on how it gets darker faster so I already now that when I have to do it I need to do it before it gets dark and you will not be able to see outside.
       My favorite season is spring is spring and fall because when is spring it's not really cold or hot and the sun is out and the grass and the  tress are so green and so it looks nice how  it is and the weather is so nice .I really like how it's  so good view and you can even have fun outside.
What is your favorite season?👍👏


  1. I totally understand how it's hard that it gets dark so fast, I don't like that either! Even though it's dark, fall is my favorite season. I love how the leaves change!