Saturday, November 5, 2016

A day with my dog

              Once a  day,  I had this dog that I loved and got to play I really like how he obeys me and my family but he always follows me and stay were I am he is only thing that I can't be alive that is so sweet because not all dogs are like that and he is so on what he's going to do.I really liked this dog and never had a dog like this  that is so cute but also obedient and I now some dogs are like that to but but I like his breed and how his future that makes him pretty.You can see the difference between a good treated  and bad treated dog  in their body. Also you can just give them the love like anything else that you like or care about I play all twitch my dog and he's train and  I really want another dog that is the same breed.I really  want every dog to be like that I couldn't found any  dog like that has been so cute and smart.


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