Saturday, October 29, 2016

My hobby

              My hobby is baking and I really like  doing it because it's so interterning  it's just fun decorating them and eating them of course they are my favorite baking like I like baking brownies,cheese cake,apple pie,cupcake, and they are delicious .I really want to get better at the either ways when I have to focus on school but do ring the weekend I sometimes baking dessert I really want to  get use to it sometimes I forget because there a lot of ingredients to use in a dessert.
         I also like being organize so everything has to be perfect on some stuff because when it's messy it just gets me frustrated that you can't even understand what your trying to do or make.I also get all of those  perfect because that way you can understand what you are trying to say to someone or when you try to tell someone or remember n doing something.

1 comment:

  1. Baking sounds like a fun hobby! I would love to have you take some pictures of some things you bake and share those here!