Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My dreams


       I have  a big list that I want to accomplished  so first I want to visit California because I want to  meet a YouTube and visit different parts from it.I really think traveling is really good because it open your mind, and fun at the same time so you learned or find new things that you never new or other kind of weather that you might like that others don't.I also want to no the population the laws or school rules that might be different from here and you can compare them how different they are because not every state is the same also see the popular places the common food or command names that most people have as a  name because I want to see if it's the same or if people want  to have fun and travel around.

           I also want to see if I can read more than one hundred books in a year because that way  I can learn new words  and use those words and use those words instead of  the easy ones and teach others on what is important and you can always do that as your goal because you can never give up  and always do what you wanted your can predict on some books that are big that you never though of reading because you will never go up on this and nothing is impossible on doing things that you might thing you might never accomplish because you say it's to hard but if you put your effort I might be doing it because nothing is going to get on my way to bother and stop reading and not being or stay behind.I also think that is really good because that way K can not focus on reading but improving my scores for school and will be really helpful because I can help others if they don't understand it I can always help.


  1. Awesome dreams. California is amazing - two of my best friends live there and besides Chicago, it's one of my favorite places. Do you like the beach? That's a big part of the reason I love it - they live in San Diego close by the beach!
    100 books in a year sounds amazing! How many are you at right now? Got to keep track!