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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Butterfly project

     A mousse sat upon a shelf,
Catching fleas in his coat of fur. 
But he couldn't catch her-what charge in ! 
She'd hidden way inside his skin.
 He turned and wriggled,knew no rest, 
That flea was such a nasty pest!

   His daddy came 
And searched his coat. 
He caught the flea and off he ran 
To cook her in the frying pan. 
The little mouse cried, " come and see! 
For lunch we've got a nice,fat flea!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The movie

 The movie I watched, more than 2 times is called Expelled.I watch it when I have nothing else to do or no other show/movie to watch.I really enjoy this movie,is basically about this guy who does pranks at school,and gets expelled.This guy doesn't want his  parent's to find out,so he finds a way to change his grades.I really enjoy this movie is one of them that you want to keep watching,it and never want it to end. That's the main thing what is about,but I'm not going to say details.I don't want to ruined it for other.I hope you enjoy the movie

What's your favorite movie?

Friday, March 31, 2017

Slice of life #31-The last one of the month

          The first two weeks,I didn't know what to write about. But then one week pass,and I kept reading other person's blog,and I started to get ideas. I just though my blogs weren't going ,to be good as the other bloggers stories. I was like i'm not going to be able, to do it.I was not having trust,and not  trying something new. By the time I started to get great ideas. I'm so happy of everyone who did the challenge,also this was my first year doing i'm glad  of myself.I was here with blogs ready,for you to read them. I really enjoy blogging this month,you get to share your pice and other people would read them.
     Did you enjoy blogging?

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Book blog-If I Stay

       The book I read is called If I stay,by Gaylie Forman. The genre of the book is Young adult
This book is about a girl name Mia who  is seventeen and has everything like boyfriend,friends,good career,but out of sudden Mia and her family have a terrible accident.At of sudden she is in a coma,that was so difficult for her.She and her boyfriend were  so happy together,and she had flashbacks of everything that happened.I like this book because something can happen on one day or one night.You should read this to find out if Mia gets better,and if Mia is still in a relationship

Slice of life#30-Museum

    The Holocaust,  YESSS I was excited about the topic. Anyways I really liked learning,of jews other people died. looking around objects,reading facts was really interesting. I was not hoping to be like that. I was really into the things the,tour person was talking about. I was not expecting to be so much connection about it. Also there was, a speaker that I was so surprise about a speaker who spoke about how she survive. I was really into her experience,she told everyone.

Do you like learning the Holocaust?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Slice of life29-Loosing something

  Have you ever lost something,but since you have a mess you don't know where it is? One day,I was at school and the teacher was collecting home work. So I grabbed my folder,and I got the chills,As soon I open it,I didn't see it I was like  WHAT!!!!!!!!! I brought it. So I checked again,this time I took all the papers that I had.I checked one by one,and I found it It was in between.I was like Its better to be organize.I was like you don't know its there but it is you just need to check

Have that happen to you before?  I f not  Are you organize?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Slice of life #28- Being Late

       A time I got late to school,was a few months ago. I was desperate,I was just looking at the time.I was in the car when my mom was trying to drop me off,but she couldn't there was to much traffic.I was like mom I want to go its 8:13. She was like wait,I cant go through.I was yep,I'm late already for school.I was like NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!,I was hoping I wouldn't get late.But at a sudden,the traffic was gone and the staff from school was like your fine I'll let you pass.I was like thanks, I was not late after all.I was happy I made it,because I was about to be.
Have you ever been late?